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New Character Coming Soon!

2017-07-05 18:14:41 by Spleen-1

I Finished Sketching a Character today and he is too funny, i cracked up just drawing him. i then got him approved by some freinds who immediately died in laughter at the sight of him. Let me know if you want me to colour him by hand or using a program (if i use the program it will take longer but the colours will be more solid, if i do it by hand it will be faster but it will look hand drawn, which it isnt. whatever style you humans and non humans think is better)


P.S. I say "humans and non humans" instead of saying guys or people, and that kind of stuff because some of you arent guys, some arent girls, some are neither or both or whatever. also some of you might be animals or aliens or interdimentional beings  or som'n else(If you are an interdimentional being, hit me up id love to sketch a interdimentional being, as i have never seen one). If you arent a guy/girl/human and you are an alein or interdimentional being, or an animal, or anything else, thats totally cool, im just trying not to get anyone triggered :)

Hello humans and non humans! It is I, SPLEEN!! Yes, i know its unbeliveable. No you can't have my autograph. jk i suck lol. I want to let you know that i am going to be posting art at least once a week, and if i dont i will promise to make a very convincing excuse that will totally fool you into thinking i was actually busy instead of lazy, wait did i just say that out loud... frick. ANYWAYS! if you guys have any suggestions for new characters, things for existing characters to be drawn doing, ect. Please feel free to leave them in the comments of this post or any of my art posts. I hope you like my crappy art.